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Do you want to be a professional shoe designer? You must learn how to select and specify shoe materials correctly. Our newest book, the Shoe Material Design Guide, details all the shoe materials you will need to make modern athletic, classic casual, and high fashion footwear.
Each chapter covers a specific shoe material type. You will learn how each material is made, the options available, and how to specify the material correctly. We have chapters on shoe leather, textiles, synthetics, shoelaces, glue, reinforcements, hardware, logos, midsoles, outsoles, and more!

We have included annotated cross sections of over 30 different shoe types. You can see exactly how each material is used inside real production shoes. Look inside basketball shoes, running shoes, track spikes, hiking boots, work boots, high heels, cowboy boots, and many more!

You will also find information on topics such as material testing, sustainable production, exotic materials, and more. Written as a companion to our best selling How Shoes Are Made, the Shoe Material Design Guide digs deeper into the world of footwear materials and design. Softcover, 330 color photos,  28 chapters, 195 pages.