Running Shoe Parts Terminology

The Running Shoe and its Parts:The Anatomy of a Shoe


erminology of a Running Shoe Parts: Toe Box, Upper, Lacing, Pull Tab, Heel Counter, Midsole, Insole, Foxing, Insoles, Outsole.Running Shoe Parts Terminology:

The Toe Tip:
Thin rubber strip from the outsole with a stitch grove to hold it on to the upper.
Rubber Outsole:
Compression molded in a flat mold
Toe Burst Panel:
Reinforces the vamp to prevent the big toe nail from tearing the vamp
The running shoe vamp should be soft, flexible and breathable.
Tongue Attachment:
A double row of stitching that anchors the base of the tongue to the vamp.
The Muguard is the shoe pattern part along the forward part of the shoe alone the edge of the outsole.
The part around the lace opening (throat of the shoe). Can feature webbing, eyelets, etc.
The opening of a shoe.
A hole through which you lace up a shoe. Should be reinforced with Super-tuff.
Lace keeper:
A small flap the holds the tongue in place
Quarter Panel:
The Quarter Panel is the main shoe pattern part on the side of the shoe pattern.  The Nike Swoosh, New Balance N and the Vans  V-Bar are all located on the quarter panel.
For a running shoe should be smooth and thin.
PU Midsole:
For a running shoe should be firm but flexible
Heel Counter:
The shoe pattern parts that surrounds the heel should have a stiff reinforcement.
Heel Stabilizer:
An injection molded piece of plastic that gives the heel of the running shoe a stiff supporting feel.
Heel Notch:
A relief cut that allows the runner to flex and bends without the shoe rubbing on the Achilles tendon.

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