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How running shoes are made

How a Running Shoe is Made

How Running Shoes are Made All running shoes are made by the cold cement construction process. If you want to learn how to …

EVA running shoe Midsole

Shoe Materials: EVA Midsoles

Shoe Materials: EVA Midsoles The EVA midsole is the most common cushioning material used for modern sports shoes.  Used to make running shoes, …

how to make nike flyknit

4D Knit Flyknit™ Shoe Construction

4D Knitting Modern Shoe Construction Introduced in 2012, Nike™ Flyknit™ technology, also called 4D knitting is changing the way athletic shoes are made. …

Where to find shoe materials

Local Market Shoe Materials

Picking Shoe Materials from Local Markets In the major shoe making centers in China you will find thriving local markets for shoe materials. The …

shoe making process

Shoe Making Process

Shoe Making Process The process for making shoes is the same for any kids sneaker, Air Jordan™ or women’s high heel fashion shoe. …