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Print edition 250 Pages with over 400 color photos and drawings.

Download Edition + Paper Pattern + Blue Prints and Spec sheets

Print Edition + Paper Pattern + Blue Prints and Spec sheets

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E-Book edition 250 Pages. PC and Mac compatible PDF file. Download Now!

A complete technical specification, drawings, blueprint, pattern and spec.

Entire pattern size run for the Arris classic trainer, Men’s US 7-13 (Euro 39-47)

Computer cut shoe pattern for a classic jogger.  Factory Blue Print included.

Ready to Print! Men's size 9 last. The .STL file can be scaled in X, Y and Z.

Great for checking leathers and synthetic materials. Features adjustable dial.

24 inch tape specifically designed for measuring shoe lasts.

Shoe last measuring step. Measures last heel lift from 1cm to 11.5 cm.

Beaked pincers with built in hammer face. For shoe lasting and sole nailing.