How to Become a Shoe Designer : 10 Steps

How to Become a Sneaker Designer: 10 Steps Do you want to learn how to become a shoe designer for Nike, Adidas, or …

shoe design color Book

Pantone Colors for Shoe Designers

The Pantone Color Book:  The Shoe Designers Must Have Tool. Your new shoe is ready to be manufactured, how do you explain the …

A bank of outsole presses
how much does a shoe mold cost
Rubber shoe sole pressing

How Rubber Shoe Soles are Made

How Rubber Soles are Made for Shoes We can thank Charles Goodyear for his perseverance.  In 1844, after years of experimentation Charles …

Shoes pattern

Shoe Patterns

Making a Sneaker Pattern Once you have completed drawing your shoe design, you will need to make a flat pattern. The pattern …

You can draw shoes

How to Draw Shoes

How to Draw Shoe Designs There is no right way or wrong way to draw shoe designs. Every shoe designer will have a …

Shoe Bottom Outsole molds
Shoe Bottom Outsole molds
Shoe Bottom Outsole molds

Shoe Outsole Tooling

Shoe Outsole Tooling: A factory photo tour This is what shoe outsole tooling looks like at the shoe factory. Facebook Pinterest Twitter …

anatomy of a running shoe

Shoe Parts Diagram

The Anatomy of a Shoe: Every student of shoe design should know the correct names for shoe parts. Here is a shoe …

Shoe pattern making process

How to Make a Shoe Pattern

How to Make a Shoe Pattern: Step by Step Making a shoe pattern or cutting a shoe pattern is not a difficult shoemaking …

Custom Shoe Show Room

Italian Quality Handmade Shoes in China

Italian High Quality Shoes Handmade in China Can high quality handcrafted shoes be made in China? Yes! The modern shoemaking trades have …