Shoe Bottom Outsole molds
Shoe Bottom Outsole molds
Shoe Bottom Outsole molds

Shoe Outsole Tooling

Shoe Outsole Tooling: A photo tour This is what shoe outsole tooling looks like at the shoe factory.

anatomy of a running shoe

Shoe Parts Diagram

The Anatomy of a Shoe: Every student of shoe design should know the correct names for shoe parts. Here is a shoe …

Shoe pattern making process

How to Make a Shoe Pattern

How to Make a Shoe Pattern: Step by Step Making a shoe pattern or cutting a shoe pattern is not a difficult shoemaking …

Shoe Factory Equipment : How to make custom shoes?

How to Select Footwear Materials

How to Select Footwear Materials The materials you select for your shoe design are what make your shoe design ideas come to life! …

Shoe Designers kit

Shoe Designers Pro Pack

The Complete Shoe Designers Pro Pack This Shoe Designers Pro Pack is all you need to get started designing your own shoes.  The …

Where to find shoe materials

Local Market Shoe Materials

Picking Shoe Materials from Local Markets In the major shoe making centers in China you will find thriving local markets for shoe materials. The …

You can draw shoes

How to Draw Shoes

How to Draw Shoes Designs There is no right way or wrong way to draw shoes designs.  With every shoe designer there will …