Workers in a hand bag factory

See inside a Designer Handbag Factory

Handbag Factory Tour On a recent factory tour in China I was invited to visit a friend’s designer handbag factory.  Since I was formerly …

Handmade Shoes for Men

Handmade Shoes for Men

Handmade Shoes for Men Book Review Handmade Shoes for Men by Laszlo Vass & Magda Molnar Hard Cover: 216 Pages Published 2015 …

Shoe making books

Shoemaking Books On Amazon

Our friends at Amazon have many shoemaking books in stock. These books cover the entire history of shoemaking from primitive to modern. …

How Shoes are Made: Reviews and Comments

Reviews and Comments At we work hard to bring you this website and blog. We encourage and appreciate your feedback and …

shoe Design Book Store

Skate Shoe Books

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Shoe Making Books free download

Shoe Design Books

Do you want to see how the big brands really make shoes?  Now you can!  More than just a tour through a …