Italian Quality Handmade Shoes in China

Custom Made shoes in China Italian High Quality Shoes
Handmade in China

Can high quality handcrafted shoes be made in China? Yes! The modern shoemaking trades have been thriving in China for more than 30 years. Shoemaking  is a mature industry in China and there are thousands of skilled shoemakers with many years of experience.  While China is known for the mass production of millions of glittering sport shoes, the manufacturing of handcrafted fine leather shoes is also well developed.

Handmade custom shoes The typical shoe factory in China will have hundreds, even thousands of workers, but there is a new class of small factories now producing the highest quality custom and semi-custom shoes. On a recent visit to China, I toured the show room of the custom shoe maker Top Owen. Owen, the founder of the brand, learned his trade in mass production of athletic footwear, but then changed course.

Custom Shoe Factory With a desire to create european craftsmanship in China, Owen left his job at a huge shoe factory to build his own micro factory.  Owen hired on a staff of 25 expert shoe makers to operate his new custom shoe factory. After careful study of the highest quality European hand crafted shoes, Owen and his team now offer custom hand crafted footwear for shoe connoisseurs lucky enough to find him.

Owen now has many exotic leathers available for custom “one off” creations including ostrich, crocodile, alligator, snake, lizard and others.

Without any advertising or a website, Owen has created a loyal following for his exquisitely made custom shoes. Beyond shoes, Owen offers his customers other leather goods complementary to the footwear. If you would like a wallet, handbag, briefcase, belt or even a leather golf bag custom made to complement your shoes, Top Owen can deliver!

Top Owen offers a wide range of offshore making services and shoe styles.

Designer Series Custom Athletic Shoes:

Custom Made athletic shoes Are you looking for some custom made kicks?  Owen has a section of mock vulc stitch down soles, classic trainer wedge, and classic basketball sole units available.  For around $400 USD you can get your own pattern custom made in full grain leather. For an extra $125 USD you can have a test pattern sent to you for fitting.
Other options include a custom wooden box.

Designer Series Fashion Shoes:

Send Owen a design for dress shoes and his team will create exactly what you want.  You pick the design, last shape, leathers and any extra styling work you desire. Prices start around $400 USD – depending on your material and design requirements. For an extra $125 USD you can have a test pattern sent to you for fitting.
Other options include a custom wooden box.

Full Custom Shoe Service:

Are you looking for a full custom fit? For a 100% hand made last fit just for you?  The full custom program brings the high end European custom made service to you at a fraction of the European price.  Send Owen and his team photographs of your foot and record the critical measurements.  Then, send Owen your design for the dress shoes and his team will create them to your specifications. Once again, you pick the design, last shape, leathers and any extra styling work you desire.

This Full Custom Service includes a lifetime service, warranty, repair and refresh service.
Prices start around $1000 USD – depending on your material and design requirements.

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